For some years now I have owned the domain It's good to own it, it's my name and it's easy to remember. The only problem is that, apart from a whole load of geekery, I have no idea what to do with it.

Geekery: obsessive interest in or enthusiasm for a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest:

Mk 1. A self written CMS.

Back in the day, before kids, we went on lots of holidays and lots of bike rides and took lots of photos. So I taught myself php and wrote a sort of CMS that loaded my photos dynamically based on folder names passed through the url (eek).

I posted a link on a synth geek forum I frequented at the time. Soon after someone on the forum posted back a link which exposed the contents of my servers root directory. I have to confess that there are better ways to learn about HTML injection.

Mk2. Self hosted Wordpress site.

After a few iterations of mk1 (with added protection) I was writing php professionally and was frankly ashamed of my early efforts, so I replaced with a self hosted wordpress blog. This was fine but I didn't have much to say and most of my posts were just a bunch of photos, only it was much more of a hassle to upload and layout my pics than before, so the site just stagnated. Besides facebook is a much better forum for sharing a picture of my kids dressed like the Peaky Blinders.


Mk3. Ghost.

Lots of forums were singing the praises of Ghost so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. I can confirm that it is very easy to install, it has taken me longer to write this post than it did to get started.

How I set it up.

For the record it went roughly like this (on a debian box).

Install node js
sudo curl -sL | bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
Install ghost
cd /var/www/
curl -L -o
unzip -uo -d ghost
cd ghost/
npm install --production
Run as a service
sudo curl   -o /etc/init.d/ghost
sudo useradd -r ghost -U
sudo chown -R ghost:ghost /var/www/ghost
sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/ghost
sudo update-rc.d ghost defaults
sudo update-rc.d ghost enable
sudo /etc/init.d/ghost/start
Finally configure apache to reverse proxy

This is covered quite nicely on